Banking Services

Reliant Financial Consulting is an independent firm which offers banking institutions non-attest audit and compliance services. We specialize in providing outsourced and co-sourced risk management programs, including internal audit, compliance and credit review services. Our clients range from "de novo" institutions that require a complete package of turnkey risk management services to multi-billion dollar regional banks that seek audit "augmentation" in specific technical areas.

Due to an ever-increasing regulatory environment, financial institutions must continually re-assess and enhance their control structures in order to develop more efficient and cost-effective compliance strategies. Our bank consulting professionals understand enterprise risk management and have the experience to implement industry best practices to improve business operations and institutional security.

An effective risk management program fulfills an organization's desire to optimize the balance between risk and return. The objective of an effective risk management program should not be to eliminate risk, but rather to provide institutions with tools that allow it to identify, measure, respond to, and manage risk and environmental challenges.

Reliant - you can rely on us.

Reliant Financial Consulting has developed teams of expert professionals in each functional discipline of banking/financial services. Our growing client base and bank service providers attests to our ability to consistently deliver cost-justified, quality value-added bank auditing services. Continued client satisfaction is the first priority at Reliant. As your trusted partner in bank auditing and compliance, we will assist you in improving the effectiveness, efficiency and potential of your business by sharing our vision, experiences and insight.

We offer a broad array of risk management and consulting:

  • Internal Audit Planning / Organizational Assessments
  • Centralized / Corporate Operations
  • Branch Operations
  • Interest Rate Risk & A/L Management
  • Fiduciary Services
    (Trust Administration / Operations / Investment Management and Trust Systems)
  • Note Operations / Loan Services
  • Merchant Card Services
  • Consumer Compliance ­ Lending and Operations
  • Anti-Money Laundering ­ BSA / OFAC / USA Patriot Act
  • ACH Operations / Self Assessments / FedLine Audits
  • ATM System Networks
  • Information Technology / Systems
  • Network Security / Internet Banking / Web Site Controls
  • Comprehensive Internal / External System Vulnerability Assessments
  • GLB Act (Risk Assessments & Information Security Program Evaluations)
  • Corporate Disaster Recovery & Contingency Plan Development
  • Compliance Training
  • FDICIA (Section 112)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance

Comprehensive Credit Review program, including:

  • Credit Quality Assessment / Risk Grade Assignments
  • Credit Policy Evaluations
  • Adequacy of Loan Documentation
  • Condition / Covenant Compliance
  • Evaluations of ALL Methodology / Adequacy
  • Credit Concentration Analysis / CRE - Stress Testing

Outsourcing or co-sourcing bank auditing and risk management services allows access to the best talent in the industry. In order to ensure that your risk management needs are met with only the finest, most seasoned resources, we have developed teams of experts in each functional discipline of bank auditing | financial services. Whether it's Information Technology, Finance | Accounting/Administration, Asset | Liability Management & IRR, Compliance, Central Operations/Branch Operations, Trust | Investment Management Services or Credit Review, Reliant can deliver the experience and expertise necessary to implement each aspect of an internal audit program.

Reliant - Offers You Extensive Experience.

Our risk management professionals have proven experience and expertise in all functional areas of bank auditing/financial services. Our bank auditors have an average of 20 years of banking/risk management/internal bank auditing experience. The expertise of our staff is further evidenced in the wide-ranging credentials they hold. These credentials include every major certification for financial services internal audit/risk management professionals (CBA, CISA, CTA, CFSA, CRCM, CRP, CPA, etc.).

Being an Effective Risk Management Partner. Our bank auditors use a consultative, constructive approach to assist bank management improve their internal control environment while, at the same time, realizing operational efficiencies and enhancing effectiveness.

Conveying Value-Added Assistance.

We help banks to improve their policies, procedures and practices by conveying industry “best practices,” based on our broad exposure to today’s diverse and dynamic banking environment.

Alleviating the Regulatory Burden.

Regulators have consistently offered favorable opinions regarding the scope of our work, as well as staff expertise and experience. Oftentimes, examiners are able to reduce the scope of their testing based on the confidence they develop in the thoroughness of our bank auditing program/work papers and overall process. A strong risk management program will be favorably assessed in the “Management” section of the CAMEL rating system.

Communicating Results.

Our bank auditors are strong, hands-on leaders who communicate effectively with all levels of management, as well as with the audit committee. Many bank auditing firms have the professional experience, but not the necessary communication skills. In addition to possessing technical skills, our managing directors and audit managers have solid character and are proficient in soft skills, such as sound judgment and the ability to present issues from a balanced perspective.

Outsourcing or co-sourcing your risk management program is a cost-effective method of enhancing the risk identification and mitigation capabilities of your institution. By partnering with a firm of dedicated financial services risk professionals, an institution can significantly enhance its ability to proactively meet the challenges and risks associated with the financial services industry.

  • Co-sourcing
  • In instances where the bank has internal bank auditors, Reliant can provide a co-sourcing solution. Under the direction and supervision of the internal auditor/risk management director, we can augment the internal bank auditing program with key technical resources. We also are available to supplement a bank's internal audit program/resources when internal staff turnover occurs.

    In this role, we share our exposure to industry "best practices" with the internal bank auditor/risk management director and act as a risk management "sounding-board" as a part of the ongoing relationship.

  • Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing risk management services is a cost-effective solution for acquiring high-quality, independent bank auditing/risk management services for community banks.

    By outsourcing bank auditing services, a financial institution can acquire a team of risk management experts in each functional discipline, on an as-needed basis, without the costs associated with full-time internal bank auditors.

Your outsourcing partner in bank auditing should have access to a wide range of financial institution experience and a knowledge of industry "best practices" that they are willing and able to pass on to you. The right outsourcing partner in bank auditing will ensure that your bank has the expertise, resources and regulatory creditability necessary to manage increasingly complex systems and future growth.

A strong, proactive risk management program is an investment in the future of your company.