About Reliant Financial Consulting Corporate Accounting Team

Who We Are

Reliant Financial Consulting has been providing accounting and finance consulting services since 1998. We first opened our doors with the sole objective of providing high-quality, tailor- made consulting services to clients who don't have the required accounting and finance resources to accomplish their objectives. Over the years, we've become a trusted corporate advisor to a wide range of domestic and international companies who have come to rely on our expertise and dedication to quality. We partner with our clients and become a "go to" resource that corporate finance leaders can rely on when they need outside assistance.

Human Capital

What sets us apart from our competitors? Human Capital. Ask any C-level executive in any industry what is the most difficult challenge in achieving success and they will most likely tell you it's obtaining and retaining talented people.

Accounting and Finance leaders will agree that there is a critical shortage of experienced Accounting and Finance professionals in the market today. Internal and external demands have put most corporate accounting and finance departments under extreme pressure. Even privately held companies are experiencing increased accounting demands as lending institutions tighten credit practices and owners demand full accountability. Mergers and acquisitions are also .causing additional accounting demands as a result of increased due diligence on the front end of the deal and accounting integration on the back end. Today's Chief Financial Officers are operating in exceedingly challenging times.

Reliant Financial Consulting is the calm in the storm. All of our consultants are senior-level financial professionals that possess a wide range of accounting and finance experience.

Reliant Financial Consulting is a resource you can rely on.