Corporate Accounting Team

Interim Financial Management

Reliant Financial Consulting provides professional support through interim management solutions to help organizations through challenging times, market pressures, major changes or with specific projects or business requirements.

Interim assignments are invariably temporary in nature, but often strategic in focus. The roles are high profile and require very skilled consultants, which we provide from a team of highly qualified professionals.

Our interim managers have held very senior accounting and finance roles in large private and public organizations and are equipped to assess an accounting department or business' strengths and weaknesses. They will ensure that operations run smoothly by adapting to the company culture and quickly providing skills for the task at hand.

Reliant also supplies senior management accountants for interim finance positions. These individuals are highly skilled in budgeting and financial planning and can assist in a management capacity through annual financial planning, budgeting, and strategic planning cycles.

Consider Reliant Financial Consulting for any of the following interim financial management situations:

  • Where the appointment of a full-time financial manager cannot economically be justified
  • The unexpected resignation of a key member of your finance team
  • During periods of extended leave of key accounting personnel
  • During periods when the workload in the Accounting or Finance Department is abnormally high such as year-end, budget prep, and during external audits
  • During a period of rapid growth
  • During a merger, acquisition, integration or significant change in your organization
  • When specialized financial skills are required on short notice and only for a short period of time
  • When financial assistance is required at divisional,branch level or foreign locations
  • To manage specific projects
  • To perform special investigations